Moku:ArbitraryWaveformGenerator can generate custom waveforms with up to 65k points and update rates of up to 1 GS/s. Waveforms can be loaded from a file or input as a piecewise-continuous mathematical function with up to 32 segments. In pulsed mode, waveforms can be output with more than 250,000 cycles of dead time between pulses.


  • Choose between one of the preset waveforms, load points from a file or input an equation directly
  • Configure pulsed output with up to 250,000 cycles of dead time between pulses
  • Phase-synchronized output between the two channels


  • 1 mHz – 125 MHz output frequency
  • Preset waveforms: Sine, Gaussian, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Sinc
  • Equation mode with up to 32 segments
  • Custom waveforms with up to 65,536 points at 125 MS/s (up to 8192 waveform points at 1 GS/s)

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