Moku:Lab's Bode Analyzer can be used to measure the magnitude and phase of a system's transfer function using a swept sine output from 10 mHz to 120 MHz.


  • Linear or logarithmic swept sine output
  • Probe two systems simultaneously, or one system at two points
  • Math channel to add, subtract, multiply or divide response functions as they are acquired
  • See magnitude and phase on the interactive Bode plot
  • Use cursors and markers to measure exact values on the plots
  • Precisely adjust settling and averaging time to suit device under test
  • Save a calibration trace to compare systems or remove spurious cable shifts
  • Easily save data and upload to the cloud


  • Frequency range 10 mHz to 120 MHz
  • 50Ω / 1MΩ input impedance
  • Variable averaging/settling time (10us - 10s)
  • Linear/logarithmic sweep


+ How can I plot the ratio of Input 1 and Input 2?

By default, each channel shows the ratio of the input to the output, In / Out. This is useful for measuring the transfer function of a device under test. The math channel allows you to plot different combinations of Ch 1 and Ch 2. If the output amplitudes of both channels are set to the same value, then viewing the math channel as Ch 1 / Ch 2 will show the ratio In 1 / In 2, since the outputs are the same.