Introducing the new lock-in amplifier instrument for Moku:Lab. Precisely configure your system and monitor the lock-in's performance from an intuitive user interface.


  • Block diagram view of the digital signal processing with built-in probe points for signal monitoring
  • Demodulate signals at up to 200 MHz.


  • ± 80 dB gain range
  • 50Ω / 1MΩ input impedance
  • Analog signal output with 4 MHz bandwidth
  • Pure integrator mode
  • LO output up to 200 MHz with variable amplitude
  • 90 dB dynamic reserve
  • Adjustable time constant from 40ns to 0.6s
  • 6 or 12 dB/octave filter roll-off


+ Can I adjust the corner frequency of the low-pass filter?

Yes! It is adjustable from 237 mHz to 3.98 MHz via the iPad.

+ What is the maximum rate at which I can save data, and how many points can I save?

The sample rate is dynamically adjusted by the horizontal zoom of the display, and can be set up to the full ADC sample rate of 500 MS/s. Currently you can save 16k points for two channels simultaneously.