Moku:Phasemeter is based on a digital phase-locked loop architecture and can track the phase, frequency and amplitude of two signals from 1 kHz to 200 MHz. Measure phase changes of less than a millidegree with a sensitivity of better than 100 nanocycles/√Hz. Record frequency fluctuations with zero dead time.  




The latest (free!) update brings a host of new features including:

  • Track signals with 2000x lower frequency. The phasemeter minimum frequency has been extended down to 1 kHz (previously 2 MHz).

  • More, faster options for data logging. The phasemeter can now log data at six different rates, from 30 Hz up to 125 kHz.

  • Real-time spectral analysis.  In addition to viewing time domain data, the Moku:Lab App can display and save Power Spectral Densities, Amplitude Spectral Densities, Allan Deviation and more, all in real-time. 

  • New free-wheeling support. The new free-wheeling feature intelligently holds the loop state when the signal fades unexpectedly and automatically re-engages when it returns. Super handy for when aliens fly through your deep-space laser comm beam.

  • Phase-locked output. In addition to generating a sign wave output, Moku:Phasemeter can now generate an output that is phase locked to the input. 

  • Improved sensitivity. Modified internal filtering  provides even better phase measurement sensitivity (shout out to customer-of-the-month Hal from University of Florida for his suggestions).

  • More flexible tracking bandwidth. Moku:Phasemeter now supports phase-locked loop tracking bandwidths from 10 Hz (great for tracking low SNR signals) up to 10 kHz (ideal for signals with large dynamics).

Moku:Phasemeter can now display real-time Allan Variance, an important measure of frequency stability commonly used to characterize precision clocks.

Allan Variance

Something else you would like to see in Moku:Phasemeter? We are now taking requests. Please get in touch.

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