The multitouch user interface really shines with Moku:Spectrum Analyzer. No need to wrestle with frequency range settings and start/ stop/ span inconsistencies. Moku:Spectrum Analyzer features a frequency range of 200 MHz (extended to 250 MHz in software) and resolution bandwidths down to 1 Hz, all with super fast update rates thanks to the DSP power of Moku:Lab's FPGA. 

Markers, Measurements, and More

Want to track a peak? Just drag out a new marker from the marker button. Track multiple peaks on a single channel by dragging markers directly to the peaks you want. The Measurements Panel is also marker aware. Make measurements based on a marker's characteristics such as amplitude, frequency, 3 dB width and SNR, or even the difference between markers. Swipe up from the measurement area to reveal the measurement history, a powerful enhancement to conventional zero-span measurements.

Moku:Spectrum Analyzer inherits the best features from Moku:Oscilloscope: tracking cursors, averaging, persistence and, of course, simple sharing of data via DropBox, iCloud and email. A math channel in Moku:Spectrum Analyzer includes options to display Max Hold or Min Hold data of a channel. You can display your data with a log or linear power display or even visualize the evolution of spectra with 3D waterfall plots. 

Download the free Moku:Lab App to try out the features for yourself. Demo mode works even without any Moku:Lab hardware.