Moku:Lab App

Take control of your experiment with the new Moku:Lab iPad App. It’s mission control for all of your Moku instruments. The App is free and demo mode works without any Moku:Lab hardware. Get it now on the App Store.

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Moku:Lab App by Liquid Instruments

Multiple Instruments

Moku:Lab App by Liquid Instruments

Switch between instruments on a single Moku – or even different Mokus – in a matter of seconds. Moku:Lab comes with twelve professional-grade instruments: Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, Spectrum AnalyzerPhasemeterData Logger, Laser Lock BoxLock-in Amplifier, PID Controller, Bode Analyzer, Digital Filter Box, FIR Filter Builder, and Arbitrary Waveform Generator. We are making new instruments all the time.

Breakthrough User Interface

Moku:Lab App by Liquid Instruments

Each Moku instrument features a brand new multi-touch user interface, thoughtfully designed and meticulously optimized for iPad. 

Freedom in the Lab

With a high-speed wireless connection, your measurements come to you. Stream data and control your experiment in real time as you move around the lab.

No more squinting at screens across the lab or asking your lab buddy "Can you turn up the scale of channel 2?"  Your experiment's display and controls are always at your side. 

Share your Data

Moku:Lab App by Liquid Instruments

Connect to Dropbox, iCloud or email to instantly save your data or share your breakthrough with colleagues and frenemies.

Moku:Lab can save an image of your screen or export your data in CSV or MAT formats.


Is there a particular file format you need? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

Built for Speed

Moku:Lab for iPad features full OpenGL ES graphics acceleration fed by a low-latency, streaming network architecture. This gives you a smooth display with high frame rates so that you don't miss anything important. 

Lights on. Lights off.

Moku:Lab’s user interface is optimized for both bright and dark environments. 

Save your State

Moku:Lab can save your instrument settings, like the scales, measurements, cursors and input impedance. Reloading your state helps to ensure that you take measurements under a consistent set of conditions. 

Moku:Lab automatically saves your state when you switch instruments, so you can pick up right where you left off.

System Updates


As new capabilities become available, you can update your Moku:Lab hardware simply by updating your iPad App from the App Store. No fuss.

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