Coherent beam combination: A graphical representation of the DEEP IN probe, reproduced from
Coherent beam combination in high-power laser applications

An introduction to coherent beam combination strategies and techniques

Featuring: Moku:Pro, Phasemeter

Date: June 13, 2024

allan deviation
Understanding and performing Allan variance measurements

A mathematical primer on Allan variance, an overview of its uses, and how to perform them using the Moku Phasemeter

Featuring: Moku:Pro, Phasemeter

Date: May 15, 2024

instrument setup for phase-locked loop on Moku:pro
Achieving precise phase control in optical applications with digital phase-locked loops: your questions, answered

Learn how to implement a phase-locked loop on the Moku hardware, improve loop feedback with PID control, deploy custom FPGA code, and more

Featuring: Phasemeter, Laser Lock Box, Lock-in Amplifier, Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, PID Controller

Date: February 26, 2024

Phase-Locked Loop Frequency Multiplier and Divider Use Cases
Phase-locked loop frequency multiplier and divider use cases

Learn how the PLL frequency multiplier and divider can be used for harmonic demodulation and generating reference signal harmonics and sub-harmonics

Featuring: Multi-instrument Mode, Lock-in Amplifier, Phasemeter, Moku:Pro

Date: October 31, 2022

The MIM setup on Moku:Pro for testing the linear dynamic range of different phase detectors
Phase detection with Moku Lock-in Amplifier and Phasemeter

Principle of operations guide

Featuring: Moku:Pro, Phasemeter, Lock-in Amplifier

Stabilizing Multiple Lasers Simultaneously with Moku:Pro

Discover how a Phasemeter exceeds the performance of conventional lock-in amplifiers and makes it easier to achieve phase coherence

Featuring: Phasemeter, Moku:Pro, Lock-in Amplifier

Date: March 08, 2022

The offset frequency can be tuned via the "Frequency" under "Channel" pane.
Laser Frequency Offset Locking

An FPGA-based, 4-channel Phasemeter for optical phase-locked loop (OPLL)

Featuring: Phasemeter, Moku:Pro, Moku:Lab

Phase: Measuring Allan Deviation
Measuring Allan Deviation

A guide to Allan Deviation with the Moku Phasemeter

Featuring: Moku:Lab, Phasemeter, Moku:Pro, Moku:Go