Moku:Pro’s Oscilloscope

The world’s most versatile oscilloscope

The first professional-grade Instrument-on-Chip oscilloscope

Instrument-on-Chip (IoC) devices use powerful real-time digital signal processing (DSP) implemented Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Sophisticated, low-latency DSP functions – previously performed by a combination of several analog and digital components, can now be integrated on a single, silicon chip. FPGA processing is fast, deterministic and can be upgraded over time, or replaced entirely thanks to their reconfigurable capabilities. IoC’s flexible architecture blurs the line between different types of conventional test equipment.

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Ultra-low noise lets you see every detail

Moku:Pro checks all the boxes as a workhorse oscilloscope: 4 channels, up to 5GS/s with 10 bits per sample, ultra-low noise, and a memory depth of up to 100 million points. You get consistent, stable waveforms where you can see every detail.

4 Channels

600 MHz bandwidth

Deep Memory

120 GB SSD & 100 M samples

Ultra-Low Noise

10+18-bit blended ADCs

High Speed

5 GSa/s

4 Channels

600 MHz bandwidth

Ultra-Deep Memory

120 GB SSD

Low Noise

10/18-bit blended ADCs

High Speed

5 GSa/s

The scope is just the beginning

Moku:Pro is an integrated platform that offers 8 additional professional-grade instruments. It’s so versatile, it’s up to any task. Whether you are measuring, generating or processing signals, Moku:Pro is the smart way to get it done.

Blended ADCs for industry-leading noise performance

Conventional test and measurement hardware often sacrifices performance across different frequencies. Moku:Pro delivers low noise from acoustic to RF. It combines signals from a 5 GSa/s, 10 bit ADC and 10 MSa/s, 18 bit ADCs to provide a high dynamic range from 10 Hz to 600 MHz. This is achieved through a digital crossover network consisting of high- and low-pass filters that implement real time blending of the dual ADC streams.

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A breakthrough in usability

Now it’s easier than ever to get work done. Test smarter, faster, better with features that help you work more efficiently.

Measure in an instant

Set up your new Moku:Pro oscilloscope in a matter of minutes. Take measurements and save them in just a few taps, thanks to the integrated Moku app.

One device, one interface

Now you can replace an entire rack of test equipment with one integrated device. It’s more than just savings in size, weight, energy, and cost. It’s a breakthrough combination of versatility and performance.

Unparalleled versatility

With Moku:Pro, everything you need is at your fingertips. Switch between instruments in seconds. Use instruments side-by-side.

Works with your tools

API integrations with Python and MATLAB enable straightforward automation of Moku:Pro in complex setups or for repetitive tasks.
Clock Stability
300 ppb
Input to Output Latency
< 650 ns
Modern Connectivity
WiFi, Ethernet, and USB
FPGA Enabled
Xilinx Ultrascale+

New features & capabilities

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Now available: Multi-instrument Mode

Moku:Pro’s multi-instrument mode lets you run multiple instruments at the same time and lets you connect these instruments to each other to build a customised test system.

Instruments running in this mode can be chained together to build sophisticated signal-processing pipelines. Advanced users can even drop in custom features designed in Moku Cloud Compile, giving them more flexibility than ever before.

Connections to the analog inputs, analog outputs, and adjacent instruments are run-time configurable for instant gratification. Your Moku:Pro is now even more powerful.

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Available now: Moku Cloud Compile

Advanced users can access Moku:Pro’s FPGA to implement custom digital signal processing by writing their own VHDL code. This cloud-based tool is accessed directly from a browser, allowing you to develop, compile, and deploy custom algorithms to your Moku:Pro without a single software download.

Exclusively available with Multi-instrument mode, your custom code can work together with any of Moku:Pro’s professional-grade instruments.

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Moku:Pro is an integrated test and measurement platform that packs nine professional-grade instruments into one device. Moku:Pro combines one piece of sleek, compact hardware with an intelligent, user-friendly software interface.

Moku:Pro brings test and measurement into the modern age, allowing engineers and researchers to dynamically switch between instruments rather than needing multiple stand-alone devices.

Advanced ADC blending technology ensures that each instrument can function with optimal sensitivity from RF to acoustic frequencies without compromising performance for flexibility.

Full connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB-C ensures industry-standard, hassle-free configuration.

Moku:Pro’s 5 GSa/s Oscilloscope features four high-speed, ultra-low noise input channels with 600 MHz analog bandwidth.

Innovative blended ADC technology combines the information from 10 bit and 18 bit ADCs to cover a broad spectrum, providing class-leading input noise performance of 30 nV/√Hz at 100 Hz with high dynamic range.

The built-in four-channel waveform generators are capable of producing waveforms with a maximum bandwidth of 500 MHz.

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