Moku:Pro FIR Filter Builder

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With the Moku:Pro FIR Filter Builder, you can design and implement lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop finite impulse response (FIR) filters with up to 14,819 coefficients at a sampling rate of 305.2 kHz, or 232 coefficients at a sampling rate of up to 39.06 MHz. The Moku:Pro iPad or desktop interface allows you to fine-tune your filter’s response in the frequency and time domains to suit your specific application. Select between four frequency response shapes, five common impulse responses, and up to eight window functions.



Sampling rate
39.06 MHz

Filter coefficients

Filter coefficient precision
24 bits

Input coupling
AC or DC

Input impedance
50 Ω or 1 MΩ

Independent channels

Input range
400 mVpp, 4 Vpp, or 40 Vpp

Output voltage range
± 5 V into 50 Ω

Coefficient count at various sampling rates
2 to 232 @ 39.06 MHz
2 to 464 @ 19.53 MHz
2 to 928 @ 9.766 MHz
2 to 1859 @ 4.883 MHz
2 to 3712 @ 2.441 MHz
2 to 7424 @ 1.221 MHz
2 to 14819 @ 610.4 kHz
2 to 14819 @ 305.2 kHz

Key features

Visualize your signal and configuration in real-time
Design filters in the time domain or in the frequency domain, choosing from common impulse responses and window functions.

Visualize the filter’s transfer function, impulse and step response, or group and phase delay.

Block diagram view of the digital signal processing with built-in probe points for signal monitoring.

Build your own FIR filters
Load your own filter coefficients or enter an equation to create a customized impulse response

Onboard oscilloscope
1.25 GSa/s

Wide range of settling and averaging times
Measurement averaging and settling times are highly configurable

Impulse response
Rectangular, sinc, equation input, custom, etc.

Frequency response
Lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop

Window functions
Bartlett, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Nuttall, Tukey, Kaiser, or None

Rapid data sharing
Easily save data and upload to the cloud or Dropbox in common formats

Control matrix
Input control matrix for combining signals


Impulse response simulation

DSP system design

Noise filtering

Signal amplification


Moku:Pro Datasheet
Moku:Pro's FIR Filter Builder

User Manual
Moku:Pro's FIR Filter Builder User Manual

Software & APIs

Control your Moku hardware through an intuitive iPad interface. API integrations with Python and MATLAB allow for straightforward automation of Moku:Pro in complex setups or for repetitive tasks.
Moku integration for Python API

Intuitive software and API integration

Moku: app for iPadOS provides a clear and dynamic user experience, making configuring, modifying, and debugging your setup easy.

API integration with Python and MATLAB allows straightforward automation of Moku:Pro in complex setups or for repetitive tasks.

Try the software
Moku:Pro FIR Filter Builder interface, macOS

Onboard oscilloscope and data logger

The integrated oscilloscope and data logger allow you to probe or record the signal at the input, pre-filter, and output stages.

Multi-instrument Mode on Moku:Pro with FIR Filter Builder.

Four independent filter paths

Operate all four filter paths concurrently, or combine the FIR Filter Builder functionality with other instruments in Multi-instrument Mode to create custom software-defined signal processing.


Available on Moku:Pro hardware

Our most powerful hardware platform to date, Moku:Pro harnesses the power of a Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA with higher bandwidth, lower noise, more channels, and more output power than ever before.

Moku:Pro features a suite of integrated instruments

Replacing the need for multiple instruments, Moku:Pro is the most powerful solution yet in software-defined instrumentation.