iPad App — Update Log

Moku:Lab iPad App version 1.9.7

Oct 28, 2020

What’s new

  • The local oscillator in the Lock-In Amplifier and Laser Lock Box can now be disabled, allowing the input signal to be passed to the filters with no demodulation at all. This enables new modulation-free locking techniques such as DC locking, fringe-side locking and tilt locking.
  • There is a new Phase measurement in the Oscilloscope, which measures the phase of the strongest frequency component of a signal with respect to the phase of a perfect sine wave.
  • The Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer now support difference measurements to record the difference between the frequency, amplitude, phase, etc. of two signals.
  • In the Oscilloscope, both channels can now use any of the input or output signals as their source, so you can look at e.g. both Input 1 and Output 1 simultaneously.
  • The filter in the Laser Lock Box can now be configured as a bandstop (notch) filter or with custom coefficients.
  • The Data Logger preview graph now shows higher resolution data.
  • The app preferences dialog is now accessible via the main menu.
  • You can now change the colors associated with the input, output and math channels. This is useful for e.g. laser labs where safety goggles can make some colors hard to distinguish.
  • There is a new option to disable automatic checking for updates.
  • Minor bug fixes, performance enhancements and interface improvements.

If updating from version 1.9.3 or newer, this version will not require a firmware update.


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