Our LabVIEW integration contains all the blocks needed to control your device, build your own interface, and incorporate the power of Moku:Lab into your existing virtual instruments (VIs).

Get Started

Control, build, and incorporate

The LabVIEW API includes both full app versions and example files for you to seamlessly integrate Moku:Lab into your workflow. Individual commands are broken up into discrete blocks, allowing for a high level of control over the amount of functionality required.

Before you start

For LabVIEW to work properly, you may need to install and open the VI package manager first from JKI. A Moku:Lab panel will be available in your functions palette the next time LabVIEW starts.

Moku:Lab works within the following versions of LabVIEW:

  • Versions 2016-2019
Make sure your version of LabVIEW is compatible with one of those listed above.
Get VI Package Manager
Note: You may need to install and open JKI’s VI package manager first.

Getting started

Download Moku:Lab’s LabVIEW APIs, then double-click to begin the installation process. Example VIs are available under “Find examples” in the LabVIEW Help menu.

Quick-start guide
Download this guide to getting started with LabVIEW for Moku:Lab.
Moku:Lab’s LabVIEW APIs
Download the latest APIs, which have been tested with LabVIEW 2016.