Take control of your Moku:Lab with MATLAB.

Get Started

MATLAB control

Our MATLAB integration fuses Moku:Lab’s hardware to with the computational power of MATLAB. Design Establish Moku:Lab instrument parameters, perform automated data analysis and generate real-time animations of experimental data, directly from MATLAB.

Rapid integration

We have an easy-to-use API with inline documentation to get you up and running with your Moku:Lab in no time. Just type “help moku” for all available instrument commands.

Before you start

Moku:Lab supports the following versions of MATLAB:

  • Windows: MATLAB R2013a and later
  • Linux: MATLAB R2013a and later
  • Mac: MATLAB 2014a and later
Make sure your version of MATLAB is one of those listed above

Getting started

For MATLAB 2015+

Download user manual
  1. Download Moku:Lab’s MATLAB Toolbox.
  2. In MATLAB, open the downloaded “.tlbx” file.
  3. Press “Install”.
  4. Run “help moku” in the MATLAB terminal to confirm the installation.

For MATLAB 2013-2014

Download user manual
  1. Download Moku:Lab’s MATLAB zip file.
  2. Extract the zip file to a convenient location (i.e. Documents/MATLAB/Add-Ons/Toolboxes).
  3. Open MATLAB.
  4. In the Home tool pane, click “Set Path”.
  5. Click “Add with Subfolders…” and select the extracted moku-MATLAB folder.
  6. Press “Save” to permanently add the folder to the MATLAB path.

Instrument tutorials
Access detailed instrument tutorials in our software package documentation.
Example scripts
Find example scripts for each instrument on our MATLAB GitHub page.