Moku:Lab Windows App (beta)

Moku:Lab’s user-friendly interface meets Windows. Join our beta testing group to be among the first to experience it from your Windows device.

Join the beta now

Join the beta now

Sign up for immediate access to released instruments (live or in demo mode) within Moku:Lab’s Windows App, and we’ll keep you up to date as development progresses.

Released instruments:
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Data Logger
Frequency Response Analyzer
FIR Filter Builder
Lock-in Amplifier
PID Controller
Spectrum Analyzer
Waveform Generator

Getting started

Ensure your Windows device has a 64-bit operating system running Windows 7 or later. Connect your Moku:Lab to the Windows App using WiFi or ethernet.

Please note: This is a beta version of the Windows App for Moku:Lab. The platform, its software, and all content found on it are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Liquid Instruments does not give any warranties, whether express or implied, as to the suitability or usability of the software or any of its content.

Your feedback is important to us

We would really appreciate if you can provide feedback to our team as we work on making this product great. You can do so directly through the app, through our support page, or by emailing us at

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