Moku:Go Data Logger

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The Moku:Go Data Logger enables you to log data up to 1 MSa/s directly to its internal memory. The versatile front ends allows the user to select between AC / DC couplings, and 10 Vpp or 50 Vpp input ranges based on the experiment. It also provides user configurable sampling rate, duration and delay start options. Data saved to Moku:Go internal memory can be uploaded to the cloud or computer for analysis once the measurement is complete.




Acquisition rate
Up to 1 MSa/s

Maximum sampling rate
• 1 MSa/s with 1 channel enabled
• 500 kSa/s with 2 channels enabled

Input impedance
1 MΩ

Input coupling
AC or DC

Minimum sampling rate
10 Sa/s

Key features

Multiple acquisition modes
• Normal: Direct digitization at the acquisition rate
• Precision mode: Downsampling from maximum sampling rate by averaging

Flexible logging
Log voltage data on two independent channels to on-board RAM, internal storage, or stream directly to a networked disk

Advance scheduling
Schedule your log to start on a delay of up to 10 days

Onboard Waveform Generator
• Two independent output channels
• Up to 20 MHz

File formats
Plain text (CSV) or binary files, depending on data acquisition rate

Multiple export options
Easily download log files to your computer for analysis. Use the built-in conversion tool to convert your data to .CSV, .MAT, or NumPy format


Temperature monitoring

Vibration analysis

Environment monitoring

Other sensor data recording


Moku:Go Datasheet
Moku:Go's Data Logger Datasheet
User Manual
Moku:Go’s Data Logger User Manual

App Notes
Bitgrowth via Oversampling

Software & APIs

Log voltage data and upload files directly to the cloud, all from Windows or macOS, or with APIs for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

Intuitive software for Windows and Mac

Configure your instrument and save and share data with Moku software. Free and easy to use, all instruments are included with no software license required.

Try it in demo mode

Integrated waveform generator

Drive your signal and log the output in the same interface with the Moku:Go Data Logger. Two independent 20 MHz output channel with 5 pre-built waveforms.


Easy, versatile export options

Save your logs to Moku:Go internal RAM or export instantly to your preferred cloud platform such as Dropbox. Access and share your logs anytime, anywhere for easy collaboration and evaluation.


Available on Moku:Go hardware

A powerful FPGA paired with a high-quality analog front-end make Moku:Go the most robust hardware in education, capable of complex, real-time digital signal processing. An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot and programmable power supplies ensure that students have the complete solution they need all four years (and beyond).

Moku:Go features a suite of integrated instruments

Replace multiple instruments with a single device that has everything students need for a fraction of the cost.