About Liquid Instruments

Liquid Instruments’ test equipment with Instrument-on-Chip technology delivers a unique combination of performance and versatility. We help students, scientists, and engineers learn, discover, and create.

Flexible hardware platforms

Select the hardware platform that best fits your application. With every platform, you’ll get the freedom and flexibility you need. Regardless of which hardware platform you choose, you’ll enjoy a consistent software experience.


The engineering lab that fits in the palm of your hand

35 MHz input bandwidth

125 MSa/s

16-channel digital I/O

Starting at $599

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The complete solution for the research lab

200 MHz input bandwidth

500 MSa/s

300 MHz output bandwidth

Starting at $3,500

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The most powerful platform for technology development

600 MHz input bandwidth

Up to 5 GSa/s

500 MHz output bandwidth

Starting at $12,000

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Intuitive testing at your fingertips

Flexible hardware requires flexible software. Moku software takes the guesswork out of instrument configuration with a unique and intuitive user interface optimized specifically for each instrument. Whether you’re teaching new concepts to undergraduates, pushing toward your lab’s next breakthrough, or running quality control tests for a commercial product, configuring your setup has never been easier.

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