Command line and graphical tools for file conversion, device discovery, file transfer and more.

Getting started

The mokucli command line utility is designed to be used alongside the Moku APIs to discover Moku devices, convert proprietary file types, transfer files to and from the Moku device and more.

Moku uses a proprietary binary file format to save data at very high sample rates. The mokucli or standalone File Converter can be used to convert these proprietary .li files into one of the following formats:

  • Plain text .CSV (comma-separated values)
  • MATLAB .MAT file (Mathworks®)
  • Python .NPY (NumPy)

Software download


Command line access to functions like discovering Mokus, uploading/downloading files, and converting files.

Download for Mac   Download for Windows   Download for Linux

GUI file converter

Simply drag and drop files or folders into the app to convert them.

Download for Mac  Download for Windows

Command-line file converter

Legacy utility for the conversion of proprietary file formats. Use of the newer mokucli unified utility above is preferred.

Download user manual    Download user manual   Download user manual