Run multiple instruments on one platform for a modern and efficient lab

Multi-instrument Mode transforms the way you test.

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Generate, view, and process signals simultaneously, from one device

“The more I think about it the more I see how our stations are going to be way smaller when we replace all these legacy instruments with software instruments, it’s remarkable. I can’t believe this is right in front of us”

-Automated test engineer

Save space and reduce costs without compromising on specs

“Why we love this Moku platform is because we can reduce the system footprint and the cost while still meeting our performance requirements”

-Engineering program manager

Scale your hardware with your projects with advanced customization tools

“Traditional hardware standalone solutions can’t even compare because they are fixed and you get what you get”

-Global aerospaace company

Advanced capabilities, simple workflow

Liquid Instruments - Moku: Pro

Create a customized test system on a single piece of hardware

Multi-instrument Mode enables you to build custom test configurations on the Moku FPGA with low-latency, lossless interconnects for less cabling and impairments.

Daisy chain instruments together to build sophisticated digital signal processing pipelines, and hot-swap instruments in and out without interrupting those running in tandem.

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Ultra-fast setup times

Get a sophisticated system up and running in minutes with our intuitive user interface. All of the instruments are preconfigured to run together on the FPGA, so no complex wiring or coding are required.


Combine with Moku Cloud Compile for ultimate customization

Breakthrough research and innovation often require custom solutions. The ability to deploy custom code alongside instruments in the Moku suite provides limitless customization. With Moku Cloud Compile and Multi-instrument Mode, you can expect more from your test equipment.

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Multi-frequency Lock-in Amplifier

Combine multiple Lock-in Amplifiers to provide multi-frequency and multi-harmonic demodulation.

Suggested instrument combination:
3x Lock-in Amplifier, Oscilloscope

Closed-loop controller

Sub-μs input and output delay enables Moku:Pro to be used as a closed-loop controller even for high-speed applications. Make adjustments and see them reflected in real-time to the monitoring devices.

Suggested instrument combination:
PID Controller, Frequency Response Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer

Generate and control complex modulated waveforms

Modulate signals with arbitrary waveforms and easily vary the modulations in real-time. Cascaded modulations are also possible. View, measure, and control your output waveforms simultaneously.

Suggested instrument combination:
Aribtrary Waveform Generator, 2x Waveform Generator, Oscilloscope

Power Analyzer - LDO/SMPS

Simplify testing and characterization of LDO/SMPS chips by using 2 Oscilloscopes for efficiency monitoring, the Frequency Response Analyzer for line-load regulation or PSRR testing, and the Spectrum Analyzer for output harmonic measurements.

Suggested instrument combination:
2x Oscilloscope, Frequency Response Analyzer, Spectrum Analzyer


  • How does Multi-instrument Mode work?

    Multi-instrument Mode allows you to run 2 instruments (Moku:Go and Moku:Lab) or 4 instruments (Moku:Pro) simultaneously, with full access to the platform’s analog front-end, internal inputs, and back panel triggering. Select the instruments you wish to incorporate in your setup directly from the Multi-instrument Mode interface on the Moku app.

  • What hardware platforms is Multi-instrument Mode compatible with?

    Multi-instrument Mode is available on Moku:Pro, Moku:Lab, and Moku:Go.

  • How many instruments can I run at the same time?

    Moku:Pro users can deploy up to 4 instruments simultaneously in Multi-instrument Mode, while Moku:Go and Moku:Lab can deploy 2 instruments in tandem.

  • What software do I need to run Multi-instrument Mode?

    You can configure Multi-instrument Mode directly on the Moku app for iPad or desktop. Download a free demo of the app here.

  • Can I run custom instruments in Multi-instrument Mode?

    Moku Cloud Compile users can deploy custom code directly into one of the instrument slots in Multi-instrument Mode and run their algorithms alongside the built-in instruments for debugging, data sharing, and more.

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