The future of test and measurement is here.

Moku:Go and Moku:Lab

Software controlled hardware

Combining the processing power of an FPGA with software that adapts to the current hardware configuration, Moku hardware redefines the way scientists, engineers, students, and professionals do test and measurement. Our seamless integration of hardware and software delivers exceptional versatility across a wide range of applications.’


An interface that makes sense

Flexible hardware requires flexible software. Moku software takes the guesswork out of instrument configuration with a unique and intuitive user interface optimized specifically for each instrument. Whether you’re teaching new concepts to undergraduates, pushing toward your lab’s next breakthrough, or running quality control tests for a commercial product, configuring your setup has never been easier.

Two flexible hardware platforms

There’s no “one size fits all” in test and measurement. Select the hardware platform that best fits your application. Either way, you’ll get the freedom and flexibility you need.

Pick your preferred platform

Compare hardware platforms