Moku for iPad & Apple Vision Pro

Discover more freedom to move and measure with the Moku iPadOS and visionOS apps.

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Scientist using Apple Vision Pro and Moku to perform laser frequency stabilization in an optical lab.

Freedom to move. Freedom to measure.

Moku hardware and the iPad app connect to each other using Wi-Fi, allowing you to record measurements and control your experiment from anywhere in the lab. With visionOS, place and scale instrument windows in 3D space to become fully untethered from the equipment rack.


Intuitive user interfaces

Welcome to a new age of lab equipment. The Moku: iPad app and visionOS app bring the best of modern user interface design to test and measurement for the first time.

The app was designed to elevate the user experience. Each instrument shares common elements and integrations to ensure working with the instruments is easy and intuitive. Touch-and-zoom capabilities bring a more dynamic and interactive experience to test and measurement. Seeing is believing, so try the app for free in demo mode. No hardware required.

Spend more time on what’s important

Go from unboxing to taking your first measurements in minutes. Moku products were designed to help you work faster. With a simple and efficient user interface you’ll spend more of your time just getting things done.

Lights on. Lights off.

Work in a light-sensitive environment? It’s easy to switch to dark mode!


Exporting data has never been easier

Saving and sharing your data has never been easier. You can export data, settings and screenshots directly to Dropbox and other cloud services, email files, or save to your device’s internal memory, an SSD or SD card (depending on hardware). Data can be saved directly to useful file types like .mat with conveniently formatted data structures.

Moku Lock-in Amplifier in an optics lab

Future-proof your test bench

One of the main benefits of software-defined instrumentation is upgradeability. Moku hardware receives over-the-air software updates, bringing new features to you over time.

Supported hardware platforms

Configuring advanced hardware has never been more straightforward. Start measuring faster with the Moku: app for all Moku devices.


Download user manual

Try the app

Download the Moku: app for Moku:Pro, Moku:Lab, and Moku:Go from the App Store and experience it in demo mode. The app requires iPadOS 14 or later or visionOS 1.0 or later.

Looking for the legacy app for Moku:Lab version 1.9?

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