Optimize complex testing with engineered noise performance, 200 MHz bandwidth, and sophisticated multi-instrument integration

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Key benefits of Moku:Lab

Accelerates design and test with a full suite of instruments

Investigate research challenges with 14+ precision instruments made with R&D in mind.

Maximizes performance with powerful software

Run multiple instruments simultaneously and build custom signal processing pipelines.

Enables highly experimental research applications

Deliver rapid insights with powerful tools, making it easy to extract meaningful results.

Evolves with your project needs

Work smarter with custom FPGA programming, API support, and continuously evolving software.

Experience a new way to test

Whether you’re verifying an early design prototype or making advanced optical measurements, Moku:Lab contains the instruments you need, available in an instant. Moku:Lab is a reconfigurable hardware platform that combines the digital signal processing power of an FPGA with versatile, low-noise analog inputs and outputs. Simplify your workflow with access to a full suite of high-performance instruments that enable you to make end-to-end product measurements with a single device.

Multiple instruments in a single platform

Consolidate old racks and stacks into one piece of powerful equipment that provides the instruments you need to optimize design and test. As the software evolves, you get instant access to valuable new features sent directly to your Moku device — with no new hardware required.

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Key specs & capabilities

4 Analog Inputs
2 analog inputs
DC to 200 MHz, 500 MSa/s
2 analog outputs
DC to 300 MHz, 1 GSa/s
Input voltage noise
Better than 30 nV/√Hz above 100k Hz
Timebase accuracy
Better than 500 ppb

Specialized software for demanding applications

It’s easy to make Allan deviation measurements with the Moku:Lab Phasemeter. Quantify the stability of clocks and other oscillators with built-in functionality on high-performance instrumentation.

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Essential tools to enable your breakthroughs

In highly innovative labs where every second counts, you need flexible equipment that supports rapid experimentation and discovery. Learn how researchers at the University of Alberta used the Moku:Lab Lock-in Amplifier to develop ultra-sensitive devices to improve dark matter detection technology.

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Moku:Go Liquid Instruments

Customize your equipment to your experiment

With Multi-instrument Mode and Moku Cloud Compile, you’re not limited to a single instrument. Daisy-chain two instruments together to build sophisticated signal processing pipelines and hot-swap instruments without interrupting those running in tandem. Develop and deploy your own bitstreams to maximize flexibility on a single device.

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