The Moku:Lab Phasemeter measures phase of up to two input signals with better than 6 µradian precision from 1 kHz to 200 MHz. Based on a digitally implemented phase-locked loop architecture, the Moku:Lab Phasemeter provides exceptional dynamic range, zero dead-time, and measurement precision that exceeds the performance of conventional lock-in amplifiers and frequency counters.



Input frequency range
1 kHz – 200 MHz

Tracking bandwidth
• 300 mHz
• 600 mHz
• 2.5 Hz
• 10 Hz
• 40 Hz
• 150 Hz
• 600 Hz
• 2.5 kHz
• 10 kHz

Frequency set-point precision
3.55 µHz

Frequency precision
Up to f x 10 µHz/√Hz, f = Fourier frequency

Input voltage range
1 Vpp or 10 Vpp

Data logging rates
• 30.5 Hz
• 122 Hz
• 488 Hz
• 1.95 kHz
• 15.6 kHz
• 125 kHz

Phase precision
Up to 100 nCycles/√Hz above 1 Hz

Key features

Two independent phasemeter channels with output options

Track and record the phase, frequency, and amplitude of two independent signals.

Phase-locked output option enables you to generate sine waves that are phase-locked to the inputs.

Real-time data analysis support
Real-time spectral analysis to display and save Power Spectral Densities, Amplitude Spectral Densities, Allan Deviation and more

Built-in analysis
Allan Deviation

Flexible signal tracking options
Phase-locked loop tracking bandwidths from 10 mHz (great for tracking low SNR signals) up to 10 kHz (ideal for signals with large dynamics).

Free-wheeling mode intelligently holds the loop state when the signal fades unexpectedly and automatically re-engages when it returns.


Oscillator analysis

Optical/ultrasound ranging

Gravitational wave detection


Phase-locked loop


Moku:Lab Spec Sheet

Phasemeter Datasheet

App Note
Measuring Allan Deviation

User Manual
Phasemeter User Manual

Allan Deviation with Moku:Lab’s Phasemeter – Application

Software & APIs

Track your signal's phase, frequency, and amplitude, all from intuitive Moku software for iPad, or with APIs for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

Freedom in the lab when you need it

Simultaneously measure phase, frequency, and amplitude without being tethered to your lab bench. Conduct real-time spectral analysis from the intuitive iPad app while moving freely throughout the lab.

Try it in demo mode

Simultaneously measure phase, frequency, and amplitude

With a phase-locked loop architecture, the Moku:Lab Phasemeter continuously tracks the phase, frequency, and amplitude of an input signal at the same time.


Real-time spectral analysis

Analyze measurements in the time and frequency domains, including Allan deviation, power, and amplitude spectral densities.


Available on Moku:Lab hardware

The digital signal processing power of an FPGA coupled with the high-quality analog front-end ensures that with Moku:Lab you never have to sacrifice performance for flexibility.

Moku:Lab features a suite of twelve different instruments

Replace multiple pieces of equipment with a single device at a fraction of the cost.