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Digital Filter Box

Leverage the versatility and performance of the Moku:Pro Digital Filter Box to interactively design and generate a range of infinite impulse response filters. For maximum flexibility, select from lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop filter shapes with up to seven fully configurable filter types, including Butterworth, Chebyshev, and elliptic. Upload your own filter coefficients for a filter truly customized to your own needs.

FIR Filter Builder

Leverage the versatile Moku:Pro FIR Filter Builder to design and implement lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop finite impulse response (FIR) filters with up to 14,819 coefficients. It’s easy to fine-tune the filter response in the frequency and time domains to complement your specific application. For maximum flexibility, select between four frequency response shapes, five common impulse responses, and up to eight window functions.

Frequency Response Analyzer

The Moku:Pro Frequency Response Analyzer enables you to measure the frequency response of a system in both magnitude and phase using a swept sine output from 10 mHz to 500 MHz. With up to four inputs and outputs available for Moku:Pro, it’s easy to enable differential or ratiometric measurements. Select up to 8192 points per sweep and configure settling and averaging times to balance total sweep duration and signal-to-noise ratio.

Laser Lock Box

The Moku:Pro Laser Lock Box enables you to lock a laser’s frequency to a reference cavity or atomic transition using high-performance modulation locking techniques. The Laser Lock Box includes a Lock Assist feature, enabling you to quickly lock to any zero crossing on the demodulated error signal. With Multi-instrument Mode, you can deploy multiple laser lock modules simultaneously. Each module shares the same clock base from the internal or an external source. This is the ideal solution for multi-laser stabilization systems.

Lock-in Amplifier

The Moku:Pro Lock-in Amplifier supports dual-phase demodulation (X/Y or R/θ) from DC to 600 MHz. It also features an integrated four-channel Oscilloscope and Data Logger, enabling you to observe signals at
up to 1.25 GSa/s and log data at up to 10 MSa/s.

Logic Analyzer/ Pattern Generator

The Moku:Pro Logic Analyzer/Pattern Generator utilizes the devices’ analog input and output ports to stimulate, monitor, capture, and debug digital systems. Use the integrated Protocol Analyzer and Pattern Generator features to enable full digital circuit design and analysis, or debug custom designs quickly and efficiently in Multi-instrument Mode.

PID Controller

With the Moku:Pro PID Controller, it’s easy to leverage up to four fully configurable PID controllers to simplify system feedback and stabilization. Deploy them in applications requiring both low and high feedback bandwidths, such as laser temperature and current stabilization. For maximum flexibility, you can also utilize the Moku PID Controller as a lead-lag compensator by saturating the integral and differential controllers with independent gain settings.


The Moku:Pro Phasemeter measures the phase, relative to a reference clock, of up to four input signals with better than 6 μradian precision from 1 kHz to 300 MHz. Built on a digitally implemented, phase-locked loop architecture, it provides exceptional dynamic range, zero dead time, and measurement precision that exceeds the performance of conventional lock-in amplifiers and frequency counters.

Time & Frequency Analyzer

Count events with a timing jitter of less than 20 ps RMS with the Moku:Pro Time & Frequency Analyzer. Feed configurable event detectors into up to four ultra-precise interval analyzers to replace your frequency counter, event counter, photon counter, and more — all with one versatile instrument that offers real-time, on-device histograms and interval statistics.

Moku:Pro Upgrade

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