instrument setup for phase-locked loop on Moku:pro
Achieving precise phase control in optical applications with digital phase-locked loops: your questions, answered

Learn how to implement a phase-locked loop on the Moku hardware, improve loop feedback with PID control, deploy custom FPGA code, and more

Featuring: Phasemeter, Laser Lock Box, Lock-in Amplifier, Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, PID Controller

Date: February 26, 2024

a laser error signal
Exploring laser frequency stabilization and laser locking techniques

Learn how to implement laser locking and laser stabilization for applications in quantum optics, gravitational wave detection, and more

Featuring: Laser Lock Box, Lock-in Amplifier, Oscilloscope

Date: January 19, 2024

Moku data logger capturing event
Finding dark matter among the noise with Moku:Pro

Learn how researchers are leveraging flexible data logging and Python support to fast-track event detection with minimal setup

Featuring: Moku:Pro, Data Logger, Python

Date: January 19, 2024

Engineers in a quantum optics laboratory.
An ultrafast introduction to quantum optics

Learn how researchers are using light to measure more precisely, securely transfer data, and even perform computations

Featuring: Laser Lock Box, Lock-in Amplifier, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Waveform Generator

Date: January 18, 2024

What’s a digital lock-in amplifier, and how does it work?

Comparing analog and digital lock-in amplifiers to determine which is best for your application

Featuring: Lock-in Amplifier

Date: January 17, 2024

Moku:Pro MEMs characterization
MEMs characterization 101: Everything you need to know

These small devices are already a big part of technology. But how do we perform MEMS characterization?

Featuring: Multi-instrument Mode, Moku:Pro, Moku:Lab, Lock-in Amplifier, Moku:Go, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Waveform Generator, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Frequency Response Analyzer, Digital Filter Box, PID Controller

Date: January 16, 2024

Optimizing an SRS Lock-in Amplifier for stimulated Raman scattering research

Discover the essential characteristics of a lock-in amplifier and how to integrate one into your SRS microscopy experiment

Featuring: Multi-instrument Mode, Moku:Pro, Moku:Lab, Lock-in Amplifier

Date: January 16, 2024

LabVIEW GUI with the first Moku:Go graphs visible on top and the second Moku:Go graphs visible on the bottom
Configuring multiple Moku devices with a single LabVIEW program

Automate device characterization with LabVIEW by implementing real-time, multi-instrument control

Featuring: Multi-instrument Mode, Moku:Go, Spectrum Analyzer, Waveform Generator, Oscilloscope, Digital Filter Box, LabVIEW

Date: December 19, 2023

Triggered data logging, now available with Moku Version 3.1.1
New in Moku v3.1.1: Triggered data logging start acquisition

This year’s most requested feature is now available, with more triggering functionality coming down the pipeline

Featuring: Data Logger, Multi-instrument Mode, Moku:Pro, Moku:Lab, Moku:Go

Date: December 6, 2023