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A simple path from code to implementation

Moku Cloud Compile lets you implement custom digital signal processing algorithms on a Moku’s FPGA. Now available with the Moku:Pro full-suite bundle.

No software download required

Code, compile, and deploy right from a browser. All the heavy lifting for the compilation is done in the cloud, making it fast and hassle free.

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From idea to reality in minutes, not months

Your experiment is unique. Now your test equipment can be, too. Cloud Compile was developed for the user who needs more control and customization. All inputs, outputs and interfaces are preconfigured making it simple to interact with real-world signals. No more working with dev boards, writing drivers for ADCs and configuring interfaces. The most expensive part of an FPGA dev board is usually the engineer who has to get it working. With Cloud Compile, you can spend your valuable time building something unique.

Built for sharing

Your bitstreams can run on any Moku:Pro*, even if it’s owner doesn’t have Cloud Compile, making it easy to share your creations with colleagues.

*requires multi-instrument mode to run Cloud Compile creations.

A live, real-time user interface for your FPGA creations with Multi-instrument mode

With Moku:Pro’s Multi-instrument Mode, your FPGA creation gets a fully functioning user interface. You can drop instruments alongside your FPGA DSP and have them run concurrently on the same FPGA. That’s worth repeating, have them run concurrently on the same FPGA!

For example, you can view live graphs of your creation’s output with an oscilloscope, stimulate its inputs with a waveform generator, or even map out it’s transfer function with the frequency response analyzer. By combining with standard instruments, you can take advantage of Moku:App’s amazing user interface, including interactive hardware accelerated graphs, measurements, and highspeed data saving and logging.

Built on industry standard HDL and compatible with third party tools

Because Cloud Compile is based on industry standard HDL, it is automatically compatible with a large ecosystem of high-level code generation and simulation tools. For example, if VHDL or Verilog is not your thing, then you can work in MATLAB or Simulink to produce Cloud Compile-compatible code with HDL Coder.


Guide – Moku Cloud Compile - Getting Started Guide
App Note – Cloud Compile with MathWorks HDL Coder

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