Speed of light lab setup
Speed of light measurement lab

The speed of light is a fundamental property of the universe that underlies countless areas of science and engineering. Learn how to measure it with Moku:Lab.

Featuring: Moku:Lab, Oscilloscope, Phasemeter

Date: March 14, 2023

Moku:Go Multi-instrument Mode- Before and After
Digital Filter Prototyping with Multi-instrument Mode

Moku:Go Multi-instrument Mode for Control Systems

Featuring: Moku:Go, Lab Tutorial, Control Systems, Multi-instrument Mode

Configurable buck converter PCB
USAFA – DC/DC Buck Converter Design Lab

Moku:Go for Power Electronics Education

Featuring: Moku:Go, Oscilloscope, Power Electronics

Date: May 26, 2022

Photo of Moku:Go set up part 2
Using the Lock-in Amplifier to build an AM radio receiver

Moku:Go for undergraduate communications education

Featuring: Moku:Go, Lock-in Amplifier, Lab Tutorial

PID controller demo kit
Closed-loop tuning lab using the Moku:Go PID Controller

How to tune a PID Controller using a system's closed-loop response

Featuring: Moku:Go, PID Controller, Lab Tutorial, Education

Experiment set-up for measurements on LM3476 regulator using Moku:Go
Liquid Instruments and Wurth Elektroniks Power Application Introduction

How Moku:Go can make power electronics education more accessible

Featuring: Moku:Go, Oscilloscope

Buck Converter Analysis
Buck Converter Analysis

DC-DC converter lab using Moku:Go

Featuring: Moku:Go, Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator

Intro to Circuit Analysis
Intro to Circuit Analysis Lab Tutorial

Moku:Go used in an undergraduate circuit lab

Featuring: Moku:Go, Oscilloscope, Education

Date: July 02, 2021

Open Loop Tuning lab using Moku:Go's PID Controller
Open Loop Tuning lab using Moku:Go’s PID Controller

Lab experiment, PID tuning using the Ziegler-Nichols method

Featuring: Moku:Go, Oscilloscope, PID Controller, Waveform Generator