Accelerate everyday lab tasks with this versatile, easy-to-use, 30 MHz bandwidth solution for quick experiments and testing

Key benefits of Moku:Go

Goes beyond the essentials in one device

With 14+ instruments and integrated power supplies, you can achieve more, faster.

Enables end-to-end product test from anywhere

From the lab to the classroom, take your bench with you wherever you go.

Runs custom code for real-time development

Work smarter with custom FPGA programming and API support.

Delivers the best value in its class

Harness advanced capabilities unavailable from other devices in its class.

Moku:Go - Liquid Instruments

A better way to simplify your bench

Moku:Go combines a compact hardware design with intuitive software to provide test essentials and tools for complex applications — all in a single device. From audio and power electronics to analog and digital design, use Moku:Go to explore and test concepts with flexibility and ease.

With seamless access to 14+ instruments, from an Oscilloscope to a PID Controller, Moku:Go has the right equipment for your application. The easy-to-use GUI for Windows, macOS, iPadOS, and visionOS helps simplify design, debug, and data collection. Tackle more advanced applications with the ability to implement custom FPGA code, API support, and specialized instruments like the Lock-in Amplifier and Laser Lock Box, previously unavailable in this device class.

Multiple instruments in a single platform

Consolidate old racks and stacks into one piece of portable equipment that provides the instruments you need to optimize design and test. As the software evolves, you get instant access to valuable new features sent directly to your Moku device — with no new hardware required.

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Key specs & capabilities

2 analog inputs
Up to 30 MHz, 125 MSa/s
2 analog outputs
Up to 20 MHz, 125 MSa/s
Liquid Instruments
Digital I/O
16 channels, 125 MSa/s 
per channel
Liquid Instruments
Power Supply
Up to 4 channels 
(model dependent)
Liquid Instruments
Lightweight design
1.7 lb / 750 g
Moku:Go Liquid Instruments

Design, test, validate, repeat

With Moku:Go, you don’t need to compromise between number of benchtop instruments and number of capabilities. Moku:Go provides the right tool for the job at a fraction of the cost. If you’re a validation or test engineer, you can use Moku:Go for troubleshooting new designs at your bench, or take advantage of its portability to easily gather critical data in remote or nontraditional settings.

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Moku:Go Liquid Instruments

Modern tools to elevate engineering education

To prepare undergraduate students for the next-generation workforce, engineering education programs should be equipped with the latest tools and technology. Designed with an intuitive user interface, Moku:Go provides an enjoyable learning experience while reinforcing fundamental concepts and making advanced topics more accessible, sooner.

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Moku:Go Liquid Instruments

Customization without the overhead

Enable new possibilities for research, teaching, and more with the user-programmable FPGA that runs real-time custom signal processing. Moku Cloud Compile allows you to code, compile, and deploy FPGA code right from your browser, vastly simplifying your workflow. Use Multi-instrument Mode to deploy simultaneously with another instrument of your choice.

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