With the Moku:Go Digital Filter Box, you can interactively design and generate different types of infinite impulse response filters with sampling rates of 61 kHz and 3.9 MHz. Select between lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop filter shapes with up to eight fully configurable types including Butterworth, Chebyshev, and Elliptic.



Sampling rate
61 kHz or 3.9 MHz

Filter order
2, 4, 6, 8

Input range
± 5 V or ± 25 V

Output voltage range
± 5 V into 1 MΩ

Corner frequencies
6 mHz to 1.75 MHz

Input-output latency
Under 5 μs latency

Passband ripple
Configurable 0.1 – 10 dB

Stopband attenuation
Configurable 10 – 100 dB

Independently adjustable input and output offsets and gain

Key features

Filter shapes
Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandstop

Filter types
Butterworth, Cascaded, Chebyshev I, Chebyshev II, Elliptic, Bessel, Gaussian, and Legendre

Visualize your signal and configuration in real time
Design your filter’s frequency response using the interactive Bode plot

Block diagram view of the digital signal processing with built-in probe points for signal monitoring

Onboard Oscilloscope
125 MSa/s

Versatile input and output options
2 input channels, 2 output channels with optional linear combinations

Build your own IIR filters
Supports custom filter designs


System design

Closed-loop control

Noise filtering

Signal amplification


Moku:Go Datasheet
Moku:Go's Digital Filter Box User Manual

User Manual
Moku:Go's Digital Filter Box User Manual

Software & APIs

Wirelessly configure and upload your waveforms, all from intuitive Moku software for Windows or macOS, or with APIs for Python and MATLAB.

Intuitive software for Windows and Mac

Configure your instrument and save and share data with Moku software. Free and easy to use, all instruments are included with no software license required.

Try it in demo mode

Onboard oscilloscope and data logger

The integrated oscilloscope and data logger can be used to probe or record the signal at the input, pre-filter, and output stages.

Versatile input and output options

Two input and two output channels with optional linear combinations.

Available on Moku:Go hardware

A powerful FPGA paired with a high-quality analog front-end make Moku:Go the most robust hardware in education, capable of complex, real-time digital signal processing. An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot and programmable power supplies ensure that students have the complete solution they need all four years (and beyond).

Moku:Go features a suite of integrated instruments

Replace multiple instruments with a single device that has everything students need for a fraction of the cost.