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The Moku:Go Waveform Generator enables you to generate two independent waveforms with a sampling rate of 125 MSa/s, and a maximum frequency of 20 MHz with an output voltage range of 10 Vpp. Select between sine, square, ramp, pulsed or DC waveform shapes. Modulate the phase, frequency, or amplitude, or generate triggered bursts or sweeps from an internal or external source.



Output bandwidth
20 MHz (10 Vpp)

Frequency range
• Sine: 1 mHz to 20 MHz
• Square: 1 mHz to 5 MHz
• Ramp: 1 mHz to 5 MHz
• Pulse 1 mHz to 5 MHz

Sampling rate
125 MSa/s

12 bit

Output voltage range
10 Vpp into 1 MΩ

Pulse width
16 ns to period

Modulation bandwidth
>10 MHz

Key features

Advanced modulation
FM, AM, and PM modulation with internal waveform (cross-channel modulation) or external input

Other modes
• Burst: Start, N-cycle, gated
• Sweep: 1 ms to 1 ks

Versatile trigger options
From input, dedicated DIO trigger port, or the other output channel.

Two independent channels
Generate 2 independent waveforms from DC to 20 MHz

6 built-in waveforms
Sine, square, ramp, pulse, noise, and DC


Signal simulation

Circuit design and characterization

System synchronization

Clock source

DAC/Op-amp characterization


Moku:Go Datasheet
Moku:Go's Waveform Generator Datasheet

User Manual
Moku:Go’s Waveform Generator User Manual

App Notes
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PID Controller Lab - Ziegler-Nichols Method

Software & APIs

Wirelessly configure and upload your waveforms, all from intuitive Moku software for Windows or macOS, or with APIs for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

Intuitive software for Windows and Mac

Generate 2 independent waveforms and share data with Moku software. Free and easy to use, all instruments are included with no software license required.

Try it in demo mode

Waveform preview

Visualize output waveforms and modulation settings with waveform preview, a great tool for students learning what to expect from their waveforms.


Cross-channel modulation

With cross-channel modulation on Moku:Go, the output of one channel can be modulated by the output of the other channel.


Available on Moku:Go hardware

A powerful FPGA paired with a high-quality analog front-end make Moku:Go the most robust hardware in education, capable of complex, real-time digital signal processing. An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot and programmable power supplies ensure that students have the complete solution they need all four years (and beyond).

Moku:Go features a suite of integrated instruments

Replace multiple instruments with a single device that has everything students need for a fraction of the cost.