Moku:Lab’s Data Logger

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Moku:Lab’s Data Logger enables you to log data directly to an SD card for long‑term measurements at rates of up to 100 kSa/s, where the duration is limited only by the capacity of the SD card. Data can also be acquired at up to 1 MSa/s by saving directly to Moku:Lab’s internal memory. Data saved to Moku:Lab’s internal memory or to an SD card can be uploaded to the cloud for analysis once the measurement is complete.



Input channels

Input range
– 5 V to 5 V

Input coupling
AC or DC

Input impedance
50 Ω or 1 MΩ

Output voltage
2 Vpp into 50 Ω

Maximum acquisition rate
Into RAM:
• 1 MSa/s with one channel enabled
• 500 kSa/s with both channels enabled

Into SD card:
• 100 kSa/s with one/both channel enabled

Minimum acquisition rate
10 Sa/s

Acquisition mode
• Direct digitization at the acquisition rate

Precision mode:
• Downsampling from 500 MSa/s by averaging

Key features

Flexible logging
Log voltage data on two independent channels to an SD card for long-term measurements, or directly to Moku:Lab’s internal RAM for short, high-speed bursts

Advance scheduling
Schedule a log to start after a delay of up to 10 days

Onboard Waveform Generators
Built-in two-channel 250 MHz waveform generators

Multiple export options
Easily export to SD card, Dropbox, Email, iCloud, or the iPad “My Files” folder


Temperature monitoring

Vibration analysis

Environment monitoring

Other sensor data recording


Moku:Lab Spec Sheet

Data Logger Datasheet

User Manual
Data Logger User Manual

App Note
Strain gauge data logging

Software & APIs

Log voltage data and upload files directly to the cloud, all from intuitive Moku software for iPad, Windows, or with APIs for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

Freedom in the lab when you need it

Monitor and log your data wherever you are: at the bench, at home, or anywhere in the lab. Moku software for iPad means that you never have to be tethered in one spot.

Try it in demo mode
Moku:Lab data logger

Integrated waveform generators

Generate waveforms on Moku:Lab’s two output channels while using the Data Logger. Select from 5 different basic waveform shapes.


Success story: Remote data acquisition

A research group found out they would be losing access to their lab indefinitely. With only a few days notice, we ensure their experiments and data collection could continue remotely. Read more


Available on Moku:Lab hardware

The digital signal processing power of an FPGA coupled with the high-quality analog front-end ensures that with Moku:Lab you never have to sacrifice performance for flexibility.

Moku:Lab features a suite of twelve different instruments

Replace multiple pieces of equipment with a single device at a fraction of the cost.