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Moku:Lab’s Oscilloscope features two 500 MSa/s analog input channels with 200 MHz analog bandwidth, 10 Vpp input voltage range, and user-configurable AC / DC coupling and 50 Ω / 1 MΩ impedance. The Oscilloscope also features two integrated waveform generators capable of producing sine waves at up to 250 MHz and square, ramp, and pulse waves at up to 100 MHz, enabling it to simulate a system and measure its response simultaneously.



Sample rate
500 MSa/s

Input bandwidth
200 MHz

Input range
-5 V to 5 V

Input coupling
AC or DC

Input impedance
50 Ω or 1 MΩ

Input noise
<30 nV/√Hz above 100 kHz

Output bandwidth
300 MHz

Vertical resolution
12 bits at 500 MSa/s, up to 22 bits at 1 kSa/s

Key features

Onboard signal analysis toolbox
Visualization tools including measurement trends and histograms

Math channel
Add, subtract, multiply, divide, XY mode, FFT, arbitrary equation mode, and many more

Display live, full frame rate histograms, useful for diagnosing sources of error such as electronic crosstalk

Interpolation options
Linear, Sinc, and Gaussian

Cursors abound
Show up to 5 cursors on each channel and on the horizontal axis. Each one can be set as a reference or pinned to the waveform

Onboard Waveform Generators
Built-in two-channel 250 MHz waveform generator

Output waveforms
Sine, square, ramp, pulse, DC


Signal monitoring and analysis

Circuit design and characterization

Jitter/clock analysis

Photo detector alignment

Automated system test

System test and debug


Moku:Lab Spec Sheet

Oscilloscope Datasheet

User Manual
Oscilloscope User Manual

App Notes
Introduction to Oscilloscopes

Software & APIs

Wirelessly monitor signals and configure your Moku:Lab hardware, all from intuitive Moku software for iPad, Windows, or with APIs for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

Freedom in the lab when you need it

Observe, analyze, measure, and record signals over time without ever being tethered to your lab bench with the intuitive iPad app.

Try it in demo mode

Integrated waveform generators

Simulate a system and measure its response simultaneously with two integrated waveform generators, capable of producing sine waves at up to 250 MHz, and square, triangle, and pulse waves at up to 100 MHz.


Automatic and manual measurement options

Select from a wide range of pre-set measurements from the measurements pane, which can perform a variety of calculations such as the difference between channels and show trends. Add cursors to set custom measurements for voltage or time between points.


Available on Moku:Lab hardware

The digital signal processing power of an FPGA coupled with the high-quality analog front-end ensures that with Moku:Lab you never have to sacrifice performance for flexibility.

Moku:Lab features a suite of twelve different instruments

Replace multiple pieces of equipment with a single device at a fraction of the cost.