Moku:Pro’s Data Logger

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Moku:Pro’s Data Logger enables you to log data to its 120 GB internal solid-state drive with sampling rates of up to 10 MSa/s. Four inputs are equipped with dual 10-bit and 18-bit ADCs. With our blended ADC technology, input noise is measured at 30 nV/√Hz at 100 Hz, providing ultra-low noise data logging from acoustic to RF frequencies. Moku:Pro is also equipped with a 10 MHz clock synchronization I/O, and four 500 MHz outputs, allowing flexible integration with other electronics.


Input channels

Input range
0.4 Vpp, 4 Vpp or 40 Vpp

Input coupling

Input impedance
50 Ω / 1 MΩ

Output voltage
Up to 10 Vpp into 50 Ω (20 Vpp into 1 MΩ)

Maximum acquisition rate
• 10 MSa/s with 1 channel enabled to SSD
• 5 MSa/s with 2 channels enabled
• 2.5 MSa/s with 4 channels enabled

Minimum acquisition rate
10 Sa/s

Acquisition mode
• Direct digitization at the acquisition rate

Precision mode:
• Downsampling from maximum sampling rate by averaging

Key features

Ultra-deep memory depth for long-term logging
Log voltage data on four independent channels to its 120 GB SSD

Advance scheduling
Schedule a log to start after a delay of up to 10 days

Onboard Waveform Generators
Built-in, four-channel 500 MHz waveform generator

Multiple export options
Easily export data to computer, Dropbox, and other cloud-based services


Temperature monitoring

Vibration analysis

Environment monitoring

Other sensor data recording


Moku:Pro Spec Sheet

Moku:Pro Datasheet
Moku:Pro’s Data Logger Datasheet

User Manual
Moku:Pro’s Data Logger User Manual

Connect from your tablet

Control your Moku hardware through an intuitive iPad interface.

Intuitive software and API integration

Moku: app for iPadOS provides a clear and dynamic user experience, making configuring, modifying, and debugging your setup easy.

API integration with Python and MATLAB allows straightforward automation of Moku:Pro in complex setups or for repetitive tasks.

Try the software

Integrated waveform generator

Generate waveforms on Moku:Pro’s four output channels while using the Data Logger. Select from 5 different basic waveform shapes and generate waveforms of up to 500 MHz bandwidth.

Ultra-low noise made possible by Blended ADCs

Moku:Pro’s analog front-end is equipped with a 10 MSa/s, 18-bit ADC and a high-speed, 5 GSa/s 10-bit ADC. Using the power of the FPGA, the system combines the information from the ADCs to provide class-leading input noise performance over the entire 600 MHz bandwidth, from acoustic to RF. Our innovative blending algorithm ensures that the signal-to-noise ratio is optimized across all Fourier frequencies without impacting latency, or signal bandwidth.

Available on Moku:Pro hardware

Our most powerful hardware platform to date, Moku:Pro harnesses the power of a Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA with higher bandwidth, lower noise, more channels, and more output power than ever before.

Moku:Pro features a suite of nine instruments

Replacing the need for multiple instruments, Moku:Pro is the most powerful solution yet in software-defined instrumentation.