Moku:Pro’s Phasemeter

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Moku:Pro’s Phasemeter measures phase (relative to a reference clock) of up to four input signals with better than 6 μradian precision from 1 kHz up to 300 MHz. Based on a digitally implemented phase-locked loop architecture, Moku:Pro’s Phasemeter provides exceptional dynamic range, zero deadtime, and measurement precision that exceeds the performance of conventional lock-in amplifiers and frequency counters.


Input frequency range
1 kHz – 300 MHz

Tracking bandwidth
• 10 Hz
• 40 Hz
• 150 Hz
• 600 Hz
• 2.5 kHz
• 10 kHz

Data acquisition rates
• 30 Hz
• 120 Hz
• 477 Hz
• 1.9 kHz
• 15.3 kHz
• 122 kHz

Input voltage range
400 mVpp, 4 Vpp, or 40 Vpp

Phase precision
Up to 6 μrad/√Hz

Frequency set-point precision
1 µHz

Frequency precision
Up to f x 10 µHz/√Hz, f = Fourier frequency

Key features

Four independent phasemeter channels with output options
Track and record the phase, frequency, and amplitude of four independent signals.

Phase-locked output option enables you to generate sine waves that are phase-locked to the inputs.

Real-time data analysis support
Real-time spectral analysis to display and save Power Spectral Densities, Amplitude Spectral Densities, Allan Deviation and more.

Built-in analysis
Allan Deviation

Flexible signal tracking options
Phase-locked loop tracking bandwidths from 10 mHz (great for tracking low SNR signals) up to 10 kHz (ideal for signals with large dynamics).

Free-wheeling mode intelligently holds the loop state when the signal fades unexpectedly and automatically re-engages when it returns.


Oscillator analysis

Optical/ultrasound ranging

Gravitational wave detection


Phase-locked loop


Moku:Pro Spec Sheet

Moku:Pro Datasheet
Moku:Pro’s Phasemeter Datasheet

User Manual
Moku:Pro’s Phasemeter User Manual

App Notes
Moku:Go Lab Tutorial - Buck Converter Analysis

Connect from your tablet

Control your Moku hardware through an intuitive iPad interface.

Intuitive software and API integration

Moku: app for iPadOS provides a clear and dynamic user experience, making configuring, modifying, and debugging your setup easy.

API integration with Python and MATLAB allows straightforward automation of Moku:Pro in complex setups or for repetitive tasks.

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Simultaneously measure phase, frequency and amplitude

With a phase-locked loop architecture, Moku:Pro’s Phasemeter continuously tracks the phase, frequency, and amplitude of an input signal at the same time.

Real-time spectral analysis

Analyze measurements in the time and frequency domains, including Allan deviation, power and amplitude spectral densities.

Available on Moku:Pro hardware

Our most powerful hardware platform to date, Moku:Pro harnesses the power of a Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA with higher bandwidth, lower noise, more channels, and more output power than ever before.

Moku:Pro features a suite of nine instruments

Replacing the need for multiple instruments, Moku:Pro is the most powerful solution yet in software-defined instrumentation.