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A modern platform for aerospace and defense, from directed energy research to automated electronics validation.

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Application Overview
Aerospace and Defense

A test platform you can rely on

Built on technology developed in partnership with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Moku:Pro’s flexibility and performance helps you manage risk while delivering mission-critical capability.

Reduce SWaP-C
Compact form factor and multiple integrated instruments reduce system footprint and cabling.
Scale efficiently
Multi-channel design delivers a cost-effective, easy-to-configure solution for phase coherent applications.
Future-proof your system
Software-defined architecture enables easy upgrades and customization with open, programmable FPGA.

Powerful test equipment combined with intuitive software

4 Channels

600 MHz bandwidth

Clock stability

0.3 ppm

Ultra-low noise

10+18-bit blended ADCs

High Speed

5 GSa/s

4 Channels

600 MHz bandwidth

Clock stability

0.3 ppm

Ultra-low noise

10+18-bit blended ADCs

High Speed

5 GSa/s

Trusted by leading companies

“It is the most convenient and user-friendly device I’ve ever used. The UI is fantastic, and being able to switch between instruments instantly is great. It also cuts down so much bulk in a lab. It’s amazing.”

— Sam P., Laser Optical Engineer

Finally, a modern test platform for the digital age

The old way

Juggle multiple bulky hardware boxes through a mess of wires and connectors

Invest several months of time and resources to build custom systems

In-house experts required to troubleshoot and maintain all system components

Static equipment that doesn’t evolve with your project needs

Lengthy procurement process and additional costs for new equipment

Frustrating and time consuming to remotely connect to the network

Spend months writing scripts to force your equipment to meet your needs

The Moku way

Reduce complexity with just one piece of hardware and one user-friendly software interface

Configure your system and start testing in a matter of minutes

Seamlessly connect instruments and use multiple instruments simultaneously

Future-proof your test system with over-the-air software updates

Get new instruments whenever you need them, with a simple software download

A network-first device designed for seamless remote connectivity

Code, compile, and deploy right from a browser…all in a matter of minutes, not months


Moku:Pro is an integrated test and measurement platform that packs a suite of professional-grade instruments into one device. Moku:Pro combines one piece of sleek, compact hardware with an intelligent, user-friendly software interface.

Moku:Pro brings test and measurement into the modern age, allowing engineers and researchers to dynamically switch between instruments rather than needing multiple stand-alone devices.

Advanced ADC blending technology ensures that each instrument can function with optimal sensitivity from RF to acoustic frequencies without compromising performance for flexibility.

Full connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB-C ensures industry-standard, hassle-free configuration.

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Currently, the Moku:Pro software is a free download for iPadOS on the App Store or for desktop (Windows/Mac).

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