New lab established at Beijing Institute of Technology

Liquid Instruments and Beijing Institute of Technology establish joint laboratory for Advanced Physics education

Liquid Instruments and Beijing Institute of Technology officially unveiled the new Moku Joint Lab for Advanced Physics Teaching. The launch of the new lab was held during Public Science Day, a national celebration held throughout China with participation from 120 research institutions. This year’s event marked the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Yugui Yao, executive Dean of the School of Physics at Beijing Institute of Technology, Ms. Tingting Zhu, Liquid Instruments’ China market representative, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and leaders of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the opening.

Beijing Institute of Technology promotes and attaches great importance to an innovative learning culture. As a result, the School of Physics established a program to support students with everything from professional-grade equipment to mentorship. Under this program, Moku:Lab, by Liquid Instruments, was chosen by the Physics Experiment Center as the centerpiece for their experimental curriculum.

Moku:Lab is a unique system providing a comprehensive instrument platform in one hardware device enabling students to quickly learn measurement concepts and master the operation of the equipment through a unified, intuitive interface.

About Liquid Instruments

Liquid Instruments makes equipment that helps scientists, engineers, students and professionals seamlessly acquire data, run measurements and control their experiments. Founded by a team of experimental physicists and engineers with expertise in precision measurement, the company partners with innovative educators around the world to integrate advanced concepts into engineering and physics education.

Moku:Lab is used by hundreds of tech companies, universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries around the world. One Moku:Lab device can be dynamically reconfigured into 14 different instruments, making it the perfect companion for demonstrating a variety of electrical engineering and physics concepts, from Ohm’s law to IIR filter implementation. Moku:Lab’s instrument suite includes a Lock-in Amplifier, Spectrum Analyzer, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Bode Analyzer (renamed to “Frequency Response Analyzer” as of July 2019 ), Digital Filter Box, Laser Lock Box , Waveform Generator, Phasemeter, PID controller, Oscilloscope, FIR Filter Builder, and Data Logger.

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