Liquid Instruments Joins MathWorks Connections Program

Collaboration with MathWorks deepens through Moku:Pro's integration with Simulink and MATLAB

MathWorks Connections

Liquid Instruments has joined the MathWorks Connections Program, recognizing the integration of our solutions with Simulink and MATLAB. MathWorks products have long enabled engineers to develop algorithms, simulate designs, and analyze data at various project stages, serving as a great complement to Liquid Instruments’ mission to bring flexible, software-defined instrumentation to the test bench.

While the entire Moku product line benefits from full MATLAB API integration, the Connections Program specifically highlights Moku:Pro. Designed for engineers and research scientists, Moku:Pro provides a high-performance, reconfigurable hardware platform to bridge the gap between simulation and real-world experiments. One key capability is Moku Cloud Compile, a playground for custom DSP, that enables users to rapidly deploy MATLAB or Simulink designs directly onto the Moku:Pro FPGA using HDL Coder.

Learn more about the MathWorks Connections Program here.

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