Moku:Lab iPad App version 1.9.4 visual update

We don't usually write about app changes, but this most recent update brings visual changes meant to be appreciated.

Moku:Lab App Version 1.9.4

The new app update features a few changes to the app layout to ensure a more seamless user experience.

  • New look for block diagrams and interface improvements
  • Measurements in Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer now include statistics
  • The PID Controllers in the Lock-in Amplifier, Laser Lock Box, and PID Controller can now be configured while using the embedded oscilloscope, making it easier to see the effect of the changing control parameters on a signal
  • Maximum logging duration increased to 10,000 hours
  • Improved support for larger iPad Pro screens
  • New Italian localization


PID Controller

Configuring and adjusting your PID controller no longer has to interfere with your entire setup. Access the visual screen below your block diagram or quickly modify the proportional, integral, or derivative components by tapping the figures.

Figure 1: (A) Adjust proportional, integral, and derivative components
(B) Seamless user experience

Figure 2: Previous version PID interface

Lock-in Amplifier & Laser Lock Box

The user interface update for these two instruments now allows for the PID controllers to be configured while simultaneously using the embedded oscilloscope, making it easier to see the effect of changing controller parameters on a signal.

Figure 3: (A) Simultaneous use of embedded oscilloscope 

Figure 4: (A) See the effect of changing controller parameters on a signal 

Oscilloscope & Spectrum Analyzer

Measurements within the Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer instruments now include statistics and the ability to enable audio of your signals.

Figure 5: (A) Measurements now have built-in statistics including min/max/mean and standard deviation 

Figure 6: (A) Enable/disable audio
(B) Show statistics
(C) Adjusted Y-axis scale 

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