Moku:Lab Loaner Program


Experience the future today

Here at Liquid Instruments, we understand that process can be a big hurdle when it comes to acquiring new tools for the classroom. That’s why our loaner program exists to help with proof of concept, curriculum planning, and most of all so you can see for yourself how Moku:Lab can modernize your classroom.

Working in lab

What we provide

  • Moku:Lab with seamless setup experience
  • A friendly and readily available team of experts to address support needs
Working in lab

What we ask of you

  • Lend us your vision. Tell us how Moku:Lab will transform your students’ lab experience.
  • Talk to us. Maintain open communication and collaboration with the Liquid Instruments team during the loan period.
Frequency Response Analyzer

Apply for the Moku:Lab Loaner Program

Tell us a little bit about your institution’s program and how you see Moku:Lab fitting in!