Moku:Pro and Moku:Go software upgrades enable API data streaming and new features for six instruments

Instrument enhancements support more use cases for control systems, electrical component characterization, microscopy

New upgrades launched today for Moku:Pro and Moku:Go to improve the capabilities of six instruments, enable API data streaming, enhance desktop usability, and support a broader range of use cases for control systems, staged laser locking, electrical component characterization, microscopy, and more.

Instrument upgrades

Release 2.6 brings new enhancements to the Data Logger, FIR Filter Builder, Laser Lock Box, Frequency Response Analyzer, Oscilloscope, and Waveform Generator.

API data streaming for the Data Logger

The Data Logger can now stream data directly over the network at data rates of up to 500 kSa/s for Moku:Go, and 10 MSa/s for Moku:Pro. API data streaming is available in the standalone Data Logger instrument and in any instrument with built-in logging capability, such as the Lock-in Amplifier, PID Controller, and Laser Lock Box.

This software update allows you to monitor and record crucial data from various sensor types (e.g., temperature, environmental, etc.). API data streaming will help you stream data to external storage, removing internal memory or SSD size limitations. From here, your script can create live graphs, make real-time measurements, and build up images as they’re scanned in microscopy applications.

FIR Filter Builder now available for Moku:Pro

The FIR Filter Builder is now available on Moku:Pro, allowing you to design and implement FIR filters with over 14,000 coefficients. FIR filters are a powerful tool for achieving arbitrary frequency responses, sharp filter cut-offs, and linear phase filters for pre- or post-processing. With the FIR Filter Builder, you can choose between common preset frequency responses, impulse responses, and window functions, or define your own filter coefficients for a completely customized response.

Streamlined locking in the Laser Lock Box for macOS and Windows, plus Moku:Go support

The Laser Lock Box is now available on Moku:Go as an add-on for $500, enabling easy laser locking at the lowest price on the market. Release 2.6 also brings the Moku:Pro Laser Lock Box to desktop, allowing you to choose between iPad or desktop interfaces for flexibility in the lab. This upgrade provides staged locking with customizable steps (e.g., enabling integrators) and workflow integration with desktop application support for Windows or macOS.

New Dynamic Amplitude mode in the Frequency Response Analyzer

The Moku:Pro and Moku:Go Frequency Response Analyzer now offer dynamic amplitude adjustment, which will optimize amplitude automatically throughout sweeps for all channels independently. This feature helps you maximize dynamic range over a sweep without worrying about saturation, allowing you to easily characterize electrical components, circuits, and systems under test with the highest fidelity.

You can also now quickly obtain a system’s response to stimuli in both magnitude and phase with a high dynamic range of up to 150 dB. In complex or highly resonant systems, this update will help you take accurate measurements with more confidence.

Additional updates

Release 2.6 brings deep memory mode to the Moku:Go Oscilloscope, enabling acquisition of 4 MSa per channel. With extended memory depth on Moku:Go, you can now export high-resolution data in the Export Data menu. Achieve higher detail in your signals, providing more measurement context than ever before on Moku:Go.

Gaussian noise generation is now available for both the Moku:Go and Moku:Pro Waveform Generator. You can also characterize the behavior of systems in different environments using Multi-instrument Mode. In addition, new pulse-width modulation (PWM) capabilities enable a more powerful solution for control systems, especially when used in conjunction with the PID Controller. While a motor driver was previously required to convert, PWM allows direct control of many external devices.

For instruments you already own, it’s easy to update your software at no cost

For instruments that you already own, the new features are available for free through a simple software upgrade. The Laser Lock Box for Moku:Go must be purchased separately.

You can download the Windows and Mac app update here, or the iPad app update here. For step-by-step instructions on updating, check out this Knowledge Base article. To get the the Laser Lock Box for Moku:Go, connect with us at

We look forward to increasing the capabilities of our software even more over time to give you new ways to optimize your workflow and accelerate research and discovery.

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