New features released today on Moku:Pro

New architecture delivers nine instruments with real-time measurement capabilities to the research lab

New features released today on Moku:Pro

Moku:Pro app version 2.2 was made available to Liquid Instruments customers today, and brings significant updates to Moku:Pro including a new instrument and an extension of the capabilities of Multi-instrument Mode. Read details of the new features below, and download the new firmware for your preferred operating system here.

New Instrument: Digital Filter Box

Previously only available on Moku:Lab, Moku:Pro’s Digital Filter Box instrument enables users to create up to eighth-order lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop IIR filters with adjustable parameters. Users can also implement their own coefficients to build a customized response. The dynamically adjustable corner frequencies make filter configuration streamlined and simpler than ever before.

Moku:Pro’s Digital Filter Box can utilize up to all four of Moku:Pro’s input channels with optional mixing inputs, take advantage of Moku:Pro’s voltage ranges and high bandwidth, and features an integrated oscilloscope and data logger. The Digital Filter Box can be implemented as a standalone instrument or in a Multi-instrument Mode configuration.

Multi-instrument Mode and Moku Cloud Compile Updates

Multi-instrument Mode and Moku Cloud Compile were released recently, and while a few small usability changes have been made, a few additional features have been added as well.

Both the Data Logger and the Phasemeter can now be deployed in Multi instrument Mode. The Data Logger can record data at up to 2 MSa/s and when downloading recorded data, and files can be converted to CSV, MATLAB, or NumPy.

The Phasemeter has gained an advanced tab which allows phase wrapping, auto-reset, and the ability to track multiple frequency components within one input signal.

Moku Cloud Compile has also been updated to provide users more control over their algorithms after they have already been deployed on the FPGA. Control registers are now displayed in decimal, hexadecimal and binary directly in the iPad app, enabling dynamic configuration of the custom code directly in Multi-instrument Mode.

Get the new features

For Moku:Pro users who have purchased the fully-featured bundle with all functionalities, taking advantage of these new features is as easy as updating their firmware. For all others, Moku:Pro, Multi instrument Mode, and the Digital Filter Box instrument are both available in the our online store, or you can speak with a team member directly about your application needs.

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