New instrument and features out today for Moku:Pro

In the latest release for Moku:Pro, Liquid Instruments has expanded its instrument suite to 11 along with core enhancements to specifications and usability .

Introducing Moku:Pro’s Laser Lock Box

Previously only available on Moku:Lab, the Laser Lock Box is now available on Moku:Pro for laser stabilization, expanding its application reach.

  • More capability and coverage
    • With 4 outputs, users can drive a modulation signal and two actuators from a single device, simplifying setup and control.
    • 600 MHz frequency range for higher bandwidth modulation.
    • Output voltage up to 10 Vpp to drive devices without an external amplifier.
  • PID controller with double integrator
    • The Laser Lock Box includes a fast PID controller and a slow PID controller to facilitate the lock. The fast PID controller now supports a double integrator for PI2D control for better low-frequency noise performance. Additional gain profiles at lower frequencies enable effective stabilization even in face of disturbances like temperature variation.

Enhancements to Oscilloscope, Multi-instrument Mode

Moku:Pro’s Oscilloscope now supports full memory depth data export for high resolution, long duration acquisitions. Users can capture more than 60 million points to be saved and shared for further analysis.

Updates to Multi-instrument Mode make it even easier for users to configure with drag and drop assignment of inputs and outputs, save and recall of the most recent setup, and synchronization with the tap of a button. Users can now enable phase synchronization across slots, optimal for demodulation with multiple Lock-in Amplifiers. Read more about using the Lock-in Amplifier in Multi-instrument Mode here.

Customers who have already purchased a full suite Moku:Pro can gain access to the Laser Lock Box and these additional updates by updating their software to version 2.3.0.

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