Streamlining optics and photonics research

An FPGA-based test solution built for lock-in detection, laser locking, optical PLLs, and more.

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Your go-to instrumentation platform

Moku:Pro integrates instruments specifically for laser stabilization and measurement with test bench essentials like oscilloscopes and waveform generators to simplify lab setup and save time

Lock in amplifier
Lock-in detection
4-channel, 600 MHz Lock-in Amplifier for multiple frequencies or harmonics. Achieve ultra-low noise performance with 10+18-bit blended ADCs.
Laser locking
Laser Lock Box with support for PDH locking technique and more. Tap to quickly lock to any zero-crossing on the demodulated error signal.
Home switch
Optical PLL
Integrated PID controller for laser frequency stabilization and phase locking. Adjust parameters and view results in real-time to optimize closed-loop control.

Performance and versatility to enable your next breakthrough


Optimized for the optics lab

Moku:Pro provides scientists and engineers with the tools they need to work more efficiently. It integrates multiple instruments into one device, providing an intuitive, unified interface and reducing equipment footprint and cabling.

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Case study

Learn how Chapman University researchers use Moku:Pro to streamline their coherent detection setup, leading to improved efficiency and workflow in their space-constrained optics and photonics lab.

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Simplify multi-frequency demodulation

Extending experiments to detect multiple low-level signals simultaneously from a noisy background can drastically increase setup and measurement complexity. Read how Multi-instrument Mode combined with Moku:Pro’s multi-channel hardware easily enables multiple harmonic or frequency demodulation.

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  • What is Moku:Pro?

    Moku:Pro is an integrated test and measurement platform that packs more than ten professional-grade instruments into one device. Moku:Pro combines one piece of sleek, compact hardware with an intelligent, user-friendly software interface.

  • How does Moku:Pro work?

    Moku:Pro brings test and measurement into the modern age, allowing engineers and researchers to dynamically switch between instruments rather than needing multiple stand-alone devices.

    Advanced ADC blending technology ensures that each instrument can function with optimal sensitivity from RF to acoustic frequencies without compromising performance for flexibility.

    Full connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB-C ensures industry-standard, hassle-free configuration.

  • What are Moku:Pro's specs?

    Review specs and documentation for Moku:Pro here.

  • What operating systems are compatible with Moku:Pro?

    Currently, the Moku:Pro software is a free download for iPadOS on the App Store or for desktop (Windows/Mac).

  • How much does Moku:Pro cost?

    Visit our online store for more information about pricing and product bundles.

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