iPad App — Update Log

Moku:Lab iPad App version 1.5.3

Sep 22, 2017

This version brings major upgrades to Moku:Lab’s Lock-in Amplifier, Phasemeter, and Waveform Generator.

Lock-In Amplifier

  • Demodulate using an external signal with optional phase-locked loop (PLL)
  • Amplify small input signals by up to 48 dB before demodulation
  • Output a second filtered signal or an independent local oscillator
  • Convert demodulation output from XY to polar coordinates
  • Add a PID controller to the output signal
  • Log data to SD card or RAM


  • Extended frequency range down to 1 kHz
  • New advanced spectral analysis tools (PSD, coherence, Allan Variance and more)
  • Increased sample rates up to 125 kHz
  • Free-wheeling: loop ‘free-wheels’ at the last known good frequency when the input signal is lost, improving reacquisition time and providing clock recovery functionality for communications systems
  • Improved gain scaling with selectable unity gain frequencies from 10 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Improved lock consistency at high gain settings
  • Phase-locked outputs: output a sine wave that is phase-locked to the input signal

Waveform Generator

  • Added burst mode (N cycle, Gated or Start) triggered from internal or external source
  • Added sweep mode triggered from internal or external source


  • iOS 11 compatibility
  • Select interface language independently from the iPad default
  • Display reference traces in Moku:BodeAnalyzer
    (renamed to “Frequency Response Analyzer” as of July 2019 )
  • New options to save waveform data in multiple different formats
  • Transfer log files directly from device RAM to SD card
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Minor bugfixes and performance enhancements

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