iPad App — Update Log

Moku:Lab iPad App version 1.9.1

Jul 15, 2019

Liquid Instruments is pleased to announce an update to Moku:Lab

To update your Moku:Lab and its instruments, please visit the iOS App Store and update the Moku:Lab app to v1.8.2

The iOS update contains the updates to Moku:Lab instruments; once the app is updated, the instruments will update next time the app connects to Moku:Lab.

New features in Moku:Lab’s Frequency Response Analyzer (formerly Bode Analyzer)

  • Moku:Lab’s Bode Analyzer is renamed to Frequency Response Analyzer
  • Can set phase difference between outputs
  • Can demodulate at up to 15th harmonic
  • Can measure input as well as input/output
  • Can specify output amplitude in dBm

New features in Moku:Lab’s Waveform Generator

  • Ramp and pulse waveforms can now be modulated using FM, PM, burst or sweep mode
  • Phase of pulse waveforms can be changed
  • New duty cycle option for square waves
  • Waveform phase can now be changed in sweep mode
  • Can select 50 Ohm or 1 MOhm output load
  • Can modulate and trigger from either input channel

Improvements to data logging capabilities

  • Can now log data in Moku:Lab’s PID Controller, Digital Filter Box, FIR Filter Builder and Laser Lock Box
  • Can change logging rate directly in logging panel
  • Can edit log file name (a timestamp will be appended to ensure filename is unique)

The embedded waveform generators in Moku:Lab’s Oscilloscope and Data Logger also have some new features

  • Can select 50 Ohm or 1 MOhm output load
  • New duty cycle option for square waves
  • New sync phase option

New floating drawer sections

  • Tap-and-hold on any section in a settings drawer to detach it and drag it anywhere on the screen
  • Double-tap the title bar to choose which rows are displayed and which are hidden; great for saving screen real estate

General improvements

  • New-look block diagrams in Moku:Lab’s Lock-in Amplifier and Laser Lock Box
  • New buttons to quickly adjust phase parameters by +/- 90 degrees in number pad
  • New autoscale option in Moku:Lab’s Phasemeter’s timeseries graph
  • Transients in Moku:Lab’s Phasemeter’s timeseries are automatically removed on reacquire
  • New cascaded first-order filter type for smooth time-domain response in Moku:Lab’s Digital Filter Box
  • Filter corner frequency can now be changed to time constant in Moku:Lab’s Lock-in Amplifier
  • Equation waveforms in Moku:Lab’s Arbitrary Waveform Generator are now restored when connecting to a running instrument
  • Input range can now be set in volts instead of as an attenuation in Moku:Lab’s Spectrum Analyzer and Frequency Response Analyzer
  • Improvements to triggering on high-frequency signals in Moku:Lab’s Oscilloscope when using Gaussian interpolation
  • Fixed a problem which could cause error 103 when deploying an instrument for the first time after a reboot
  • Moku:Lab’s Frequency Response Analyzer no longer clears the frame when saving data or at the end of a sweep with fewer than 512 points
  • Minor bugfixes, interface improvements and performance enhancements

We want to hear from you! If you have feedback, bug reports or feature requests, please send them to [email protected]