iPad App — Update Log

Moku:Lab iPad App version 1.9.1

Nov 18, 2019

Note to users of Moku:Lab’s Lock-in Amplifier: The input gain setting is no longer necessary, and has been removed. If you were previously using the +24 or +48 dB input gain settings, you can now achieve the same result by increasing the output gain. For more information visit

Lock-in Amplifier Update Guide

What’s new in version 1.9.1

  • Moku:Lab’s Lock-in Amplifier now has 100x higher sensitivity (dynamic reserve up to 120 dB), making it easier to recover very small signals buried in noise
  • The PLL in Moku:Lab’s Lock-in Amplifier and Laser Lock Box can now be configured to track signals down to 10 kHz with variable bandwidth
  • Moku:Lab’s Spectrum Analyzer can now plot data with a logarithmic frequency axis, and display signals in dBm, Vrms, Vpp and dBV (plus corresponding PSD units)
  • Improved support for iPadOS 13
  • New Korean localization
  • Minor bug fixes, performance improvements and interface enhancements

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