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Mastering Moku: An interactive tour of what’s new

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During this special 30-minute presentation, Liquid Instruments Technical Marketing Engineer Jessica Patterson showcases the latest software upgrades available for Moku devices. The newest release, Moku Version 3.1, significantly increases the capabilities of Multi-instrument Mode, introduces the Logic Analyzer to Moku:Lab and Moku:Pro, and enables a range of upgrades for the Moku instrument suite.

For a true hands-on experience to reinforce your learning, we encourage you to follow along using your own Moku device or by downloading the software in demo mode

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Access and view multiple instrument slots simultaneously to build complex signal processing pipelines and observe graphs in real time.
  • Monitor, device, and debug high-speed serial interfaces with new Protocol Analyzer protocols.
  • Set voltage limits on the PID Controller outputs to protect external devices.
  • Deploy custom algorithms with a user-programmable FPGA-based instrument, Moku Cloud Compile.

The webinar includes a presentation, demonstration, and live Q&A session.

Webinar details

  • Title: Mastering Moku: An interactive tour of what’s new
  • Date recorded: December 7, 2023
  • Speaker: Jessica Patterson

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