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Mastering Moku: Understanding the Time & Frequency Analyzer

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During this special 30-minute presentation, Liquid Instruments Technical Marketing Engineer Jessica Patterson showcases new software updates available with Moku Version 3.2, including the Time & Frequency Analyzer, an instrument essential to waveform decoding, photon counting, and more. In addition to exploring the new instrument, you’ll see how to connect to multiple Moku devices simultaneously.

To reinforce your learning, we encourage you to follow along using your own Moku device or by downloading the software in demo mode

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Configure the Time & Frequency Analyzer for photon/event counting, waveform statistics, and time-to-voltage conversions.
  • See lossless, real-time histograms in the app for easy data visualization.
  • Open multiple windows to connect to various Moku devices in your lab from a single desktop to maximize flexibility and speed anywhere you need to test.

The webinar includes a presentation, demonstration, and live Q&A session.

Webinar details

  • Title: Mastering Moku: Understanding the Time & Frequency Analyzer
  • Date recorded: April 25, 2024
  • Speaker: Jessica Patterson

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