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Modern phase detection: Beyond the lock-in amplifier

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In this special presentation, Liquid Instruments Director of Product Ben Nizette shares next-gen strategies for phase detection, and compares traditional lock-in methods with the new wave of dedicated phasemeters.

Tune in to learn how to overcome common lock-in amplifier challenges and see a demonstration of relevant use cases, including:

  • Optimizing laser measurement and control
  • Multi-frequency demodulation
  • Leveraging FPGA processing for your experiment

In addition, you’ll learn more about the new wave of dedicated phasemeters, which can achieve wrap-free, noise-optimized phase measurements in applications from oscillator analysis to gravitational wave detection.

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Webinar details

  • Title: Modern phase detection: Beyond the lock-in amplifier
  • Date recorded: April 19, 2023
  • Speaker: Ben Nizette

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