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Finally, a test platform for the digital age

Moku: Before and After
  • Configure your test system in minutes, not months
  • Over-the-air software and instrument updates
  • Seamlessly connect and switch between 10+ instruments
  • Use multiple instruments simultaneously
  • Control experiments wirelessly and move freely in the lab
  • Small footprint gives you more benchtop space
Moku: Before and After

A premium, all-in-one solution

With Moku, you’ll replace multiple pieces of equipment with a single professional-grade device at a fraction of the cost. It’s an unparalleled combination of performance and flexibility.



The engineering lab that fits in the palm of your hand

35 MHz input bandwidth

Starting at $599
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The complete solution for the research lab

200 MHz input bandwidth

Starting at $3,500
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The most powerful platform for technology development

600 MHz input bandwidth

Starting at $15,000
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“It is the most convenient and user-friendly device I’ve ever used. The UI is fantastic, and being able to switch between instruments instantly is great. It also cuts down so much bulk in a lab. It’s amazing.”

— Sam P., Laser Optical Engineer

The instruments you need, when you need them

With Moku, you gain access to 10+ powerful instruments. Upgrade your instruments and get new instruments whenever you need them, with a simple software download.

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Intuitive testing at your fingertips

Whether you’re learning new concepts, pushing toward your lab’s next big breakthrough, or validating a new product design, Moku lets you configure your setup and analyze results in a matter of minutes. All Moku platforms feature an intuitive interface that makes it easy to measure and analyze in an instant.

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