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An all-in-one test solution built on flexible software

With Moku, you’ll gain instant access to an entire suite of software-defined instruments — from test essentials like an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to advanced tools like a lock-in amplifier and laser lock box — with a single, all-in-one device at a fraction of the cost.

Choose from three efficient hardware options, each with dedicated specifications, to unlock an unparalleled combination of performance, speed, and flexibility in the lab, classroom, or anywhere you need to test. Watch the video to learn more.

Moku:Pro - Liquid Instruments


The most powerful platform
for technology development

600 MHz input bandwidth

Starting at $15,000
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Moku:Lab - Liquid Instruments


The complete solution
for the research lab

200 MHz input bandwidth

Starting at $5,000
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Moku:Go - Liquid Instruments


A flexible, portable solution for
teaching and commercial test

30 MHz input bandwidth

Starting at $599
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The instruments you need, when you need them

With Moku, you gain access to 12+ powerful instruments. Upgrade your instruments and get new instruments whenever you need them, with a simple software download.

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A test platform for the digital age

  • Configure your test system in minutes, not days
  • Over-the-air software and instrument updates
  • Seamlessly connect and switch between 12+ instruments
  • Use multiple instruments simultaneously
  • Control experiments wirelessly and move freely in the lab
  • Small footprint gives you more benchtop space

Discover freedom in the lab

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Deploy custom, FPGA-enabled test capabilities with Moku Cloud Compile

With Moku, it’s easy to run multiple instruments at the same time in Multi-instrument Mode and digitally connect them to build a complete test system. If you need a custom feature, you can use Moku Cloud Compile to deploy VHDL code with no boilerplate and no software download — or ask ChatGPT to do it for you! Watch the video to learn more.