Liquid Instruments brings its Moku test platform to Apple Vision Pro, launching industry-first capabilities for optics research

With Moku for visionOS, users can leverage hand and eye gestures alongside a reconfigurable suite of test instruments to accelerate optics, photonics, and quantum research

SAN DIEGO and CANBERRA, Australia — March 27, 2024 — Liquid Instruments, a leading innovator of reconfigurable test instrumentation, today announced that its Moku platform is available for Apple Vision Pro, launching the first interactive 3D test system for optics researchers. Integrating the versatile Moku platform with a camera-based vision system helps users maximize efficiency in the lab.

Moku harnesses the processing power of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) to deliver an entire suite of instruments — from bench essentials like an oscilloscope to advanced tools like a lock-in amplifier — and quickly adapt to new technologies. With visionOS, Moku users have a new way to access instruments in addition to existing Windows, macOS, iPadOS, and Python support.

Users can now leverage hand and eye gestures to interact with multiple instruments and accelerate testing in optics, photonics, and quantum research labs — with no monitors required. For users in laser labs who are already accustomed to protective goggles, Moku for visionOS brings helpful new capabilities to their gear to deliver the ultimate optics lab experience.

Combining Moku with Apple Vision Pro gives users a robust 3D mission control center for optics and photonics research.

“Moku for visionOS is the ultimate setup for optics labs,” said Daniel Shaddock, co-founder and CEO of Liquid Instruments. “It’s also a great example of how quickly software-defined instrumentation can adopt or integrate with new technologies in a way that conventional instrumentation simply cannot.”

Combining Moku with Apple Vision Pro gives users a robust 3D mission control center for optics and photonics research. Users can now modify and monitor their experiments from multiple screens embedded in the real world, fully untethered from the lab bench. They can also run Moku alongside other applications to share data with colleagues or reference key documentation to boost productivity.

Liquid Instruments aims to empower users to increase efficiency with a reconfigurable suite of versatile, easy-to-use test instruments. With regular software updates, plus the ability to integrate with new technologies like visionOS, the Moku platform is designed to grow with users over time, and redefines the cost and effort to move from idea to implementation.

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Most test environments are unique and require customized configuration and careful optimization of multiple instruments, adding cost and time upfront and throughout the test cycle. Liquid Instruments’ reconfigurable Moku is the only test solution that is engineered and optimized for friction-free customization in both simple tests and complex multi-instrument environments. In hundreds of labs around the world, Moku has accelerated the timeline of crossing from idea to implementation by an order of magnitude, reducing the time and cost of advanced research and development. Because our reconfigurable Moku test solutions are engineered by a team of distinguished research scientists to be easy to use and versatile, they deliver efficiency gains in the most complex test scenarios today and meet your ongoing needs in the future. Experience Moku cost-free by requesting a demo today. For more information, visit

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