Moku:Go’s instrument suite expands, adds three new instruments

Additional new features coming this summer

New Moku:Go features available today

Moku:Go, an integrated engineering education tool, now has even more features for students and engineers alike to test and design projects. At the end of this month, a new version of the Moku:Go app will add three new instruments to the platform. Moku:Go users can now use the Digital Filter Box to create IIR filters, the FIR Filter Builder to design FIR filters, and the Lock-in Amplifier to extract a signal of known frequency from a noisy environment.

This update will be of particular interest to signals and systems professors, who can now easily teach concepts such as fundamentals of signals, analog radio, and of course FIR and IIR filtering with hands-on practical labs using Moku:Go.

New Instruments

Digital Filter Box

A tool to design and build Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters, Moku:Go’s Digital Filter Box enables users to create up to eighth-order lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop IIR filters with adjustable parameters. This instrument is useful for noise filtering, selective signal amplification, and more. Featuring an integrated oscilloscope and data logger, understanding the parameter changes throughout the signal processing chain and logging those effects over time has never been easier.

FIR Filter Builder

Create and deploy Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters with Moku:Go’s FIR Filter Builder. Use the intuitive user interface to fine-tune your filter’s response in both the time and frequency domains.

Lock-in Amplifier

The first fully-featured lock-in amplifier made available on an education platform, Moku:Go’s Lock-in Amplifier empowers professors to teach advanced labs such as laser frequency stabilization and software-defined radio. A flagship instrument on Liquid Instruments’ Moku:Lab and Moku:Pro, the addition of the Lock-in Amplifier to Moku:Go sets students up to grow with Moku products through their careers.

Additional updates and coming soon

Also new in this release is the LabVIEW integration for Moku:Go, ensuring ease of integration into more complex, existing experimental setups.

In the upcoming months, Multi-instrument Mode and Moku Cloud Compile will also be made available on Moku:Go. Multi-instrument Mode allows multiple instruments to be deployed simultaneously to build more complex test configurations, and Moku Cloud Compile enables users to develop and deploy custom digital signal processing directly onto Moku:Go’s FPGA. These updates are anticipated to be available in June of this year.

Overall, this release provides capabilities that will further benefit electrical and computer engineering, physics, computer science, and computer engineering students.

Current Moku:Go users will be able to access the Digital Filter Box, FIR Filter Builder, and Lock-in Amplifier by updating their Moku desktop app.

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